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 Working Trouble Makes You Irrititable....I know that! 
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Post Working Trouble Makes You Irrititable....I know that!
I figured I'd tell the story here. My husband can be a hoot and a half at times. First off, he has worked some trouble the last two nights. They called him out around 9pm on Sunday and just worked on through til 12pm yesterday. He went to sleep around 3pm and was asleep until around 7pm. I went to bed around 9pm and he came to wake me up soon after to say he had to go in. Then he slept from 1am to 5am this morning.

We have had close to 10" of rain in two days. Not much if you know others have had close to 15 to 20 inches. My mother lives on the Suwannee River near Branford---the small town in which I work. I receive a call this morning from my boss, Katrina (Assist. Principal), saying we weren't having school---summer school is going on. She said she liked not of made it down her road last night heading home, so she wouldn't be coming into work. It was decided that those of us that live more than 20 miles out or on rural roads, not to come in.

The Boss says, "Tell your mother to get out while she can. She knows the river will rise soon enough and to get packed and ready." Do any of you know me? Any of you think I'm stubborn? Well, you might know where I get a little bit of it from if you get my mother riled. :teehee: I'm on the phone with Mom while my husband is telling me what to tell her. Finally my mother says, "I know right now that some people better get off their high horses right now because I'm not going anywhere in the dark!" :yikes: I said, "Okay Mama. I'll call you back in an hour." My husband is still ranting and I say, "Honey, I don't want to upset my mom, okay? You do NOT tell my mom what to do." He huffs, "Someone needs to." :doh: I told him it wasn't going to be me! :green:

He leaves around 6:15am and he is running late and grumpy. Mom is upset. He is upset. And I'm still calling a few folks to let them know that the school is closed. Around 8am I am just stepping out of the shower when the Boss calls again. I hear him say, "She doesn't answer the phone and now not the cell phone. So much----" I say louder, "HELLO!! I hear you Bob Delegal. Quit talking about me while I'm listening!" And he says, "It's about time. What were you doing?" I say, "Getting dressed!"

"Have you heard from your mother? We need to do something now because I might not be able to help out later if it gets worse. And I no longer have a boat to go get her when the river rises!" I almost laughed about that last sentence, but instead, I use my calm voice because wanting to shout back doesn't work with him. :lol2: I told him she was going to call me back once she gets out and goes down the road to check on it. He once again tells me what I should tell her. I only listen and respond, "Yes dear. I will. Okay. Good bye and be careful."

When I talk to my Mom later she says she is going to wait when the rain lets up. I tell her again what hubby said and she says, "Where is he getting his sources from? Unless he has a pipeline to the Good Lord, I don't want to hear it." I say, "Okay Mama."

An hour later I hear someone walking thru the utility room door, "It's me. Don't shoot." Ummm.......let me think about that. :umm2:
"Honey, what are you doing home?" He said he was close by and have I heard from my mother. I calmly tell him what she told me about the Lord's pipeline. He even grinned some and then said, "Okay. Tell her she is own her own. I don't care anymore." :lol2:

He doesn't care????? :lol2: I tried hard to not laugh, but I was grinning. He said, "I mean it dear. If your mother wants to be that stubborn, I can't help her. I might be working trouble for the next couple of days." And on, and on, and on. He rants and finally says he has to go. I smile, give him a kiss and tell him to be careful.

I know these things:

1. He is tired
2. He wants to help while he still can
3. He misses not having a boat :green:

He cracks me up. He truly does. And the day is not over and I'll probably have more to tell you all later. :green:

""Sometimes we think we really understand men. Then we regain consciousness."---Sela Ward

Tue Jun 26, 2012 11:20 am
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